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Our Food Program

Every day we have delicious and healthy home cooked meals from our personal chef,













Hope McGowan! 

Our food menu

Pa​ddington Station participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.  We provide your child with healthy snacks and meals to keep them energized and learning all day. 

A nutritious, well-balanced lunch or dinner is provided for the children each day. Monthly menus are posted by every room for reference. 

We serve a nutritious snack in the morning and in the afternoon. 


We encourage the children to eat at least some of each food prepared for them as the whole meal is necessary to provide a well balanced diet.  If there are items on the menu that you know your child will not eat, you are allowed provide something from home to keep with the balanced diet we strive for. However, items such as soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. are not acceptable for the children to bring.

We ask that you advise the facility in writing of any known or suspected conditions that would affect the your child's required diet.  We try our best to accommodate to special diet but specialties, i.e. lactose substitutes, need to be provided by the parent with clear instructions.  We will make every effort to prevent your child from consuming inappropriate substances, but in the event that a child would share or take food from another child's portions without a staff member’s observation, we need to know what indications to look for and instructions as to how to handle the reaction appropriately.

We also allow our parents to have the opportunity to provide a snack each month, this is strictly on a volunteer basis.  We DO celebrate each child's birthday during snack time and invite parents to visit on that day as well as provide a special birthday treat.

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