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Our Classrooms


Babies 6 weeks to one year spend their days in this room being cuddled and nourished with love and kindness.The infants in this room make their own schedule as they do at home.  Babies have plenty of room to learn to roll, crawl and walk as their first year is spent with us. 


The staff in the Honey Bear Room are women who have raised their own children and know the importance of meeting babies needs.

Playful Panda

Children who are nearing one year of age and up to an older one year old will be growing physically, socially, and emotionally in the Playful Panda room.

This room helps the children to be routine with scheduled naps, lunch and play time. 

Sippy cups are used in place of bottles, and the children also eat home cooked meals that Paddington Station provides. This is an important developmental stage for young toddlers.


In this room words are reinforced and learning to play with others is taught. 

Koala Conductor

The Koala Conductor room could be considered a transition room.  So much happens in the development of a child between 1 1/2 and 2 years of age. Children at this age are continuing to develop their socialization skills along with continued speech development.


The children are learning to sit at a table for meals and encouraged to eat with spoons and forks, and of course say please and thank you! Songs, arts and crafts, story time are all part of a toddler's experience in this room.  

Chummy Caboose

The Chummy Caboose room is for our wonderful two year olds! What an age to be entertained by! As the development of phases goes into basic sentences and hand eye coordination, manipulation and physical skills are developed daily. These children love to sing, pretend and LEARN! The children also love to be independent and do things for themselves. Older toddlers thrive being on a schedule and learn that there is a routine to their day. We also start potty training!

Grinning Grizzly

Three year olds crave learning and this room is perfect for them to find out about so many things. Staff for the three year olds have developed a curriculum that enhances the many wonders of children at this age. The numerous activities are documented in a special folder that goes home every day. Even though the option of parent/teacher conferences is available and encouraged with all age groups, this age group is very important, as this is the beginning stage of learning that will be with them for the rest of their school years.

Chief Engineer

Pre-kindergarten is the goal for the four year olds in this room.  As the name implies, we are getting this age group ready for the first official year of school-Kindergarten.  We work with our private kindergarten and the other school districts preparing these children to be ready to enter kindergarten.


The Pre-kindergarten schedule is more structured, more time is spent sitting and learning, but there is also emphasis on play. We work with the children as their social and emotional development is at it's peak.

Kindergarten Kodiak

Paddington Station has a private kindergarten for children who are 4 years 7 months by the beginning of September.  We follow the standards set by PA Department of Education using McGraw-Hill Everyday Math, Scott Foresman Reading and Zaner Bloser Handwriting. We have an average class size of 12, class is held from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.  Our fee for kindergarten is the same as childcare! Parent teacher conferences are held in conjunction with report cards. Communication is encouraged for the parents to talk to the teacher. 

The children that  attend our kindergarten are ready for first grade when graduating kindergarten.  If  there is a concern with a younger child enrolled in our kindergarten, we suggest that our program be a good base and be the beginning of the child's education experience and then enroll in public school kindergarten after attending ours.

Coach Cub

The younger and older school age children find an assortment of activities to stimulate and quench their curiosity in this room. Respect, communication and working together are the main goals for this age group. The room is open to before and after school care, holidays, and our summer Fun 'n' Sun program. During the school year children from private and public schools ages 6 to 12 years receive homework help, after school snack, outside activities (weather permitting), and other organized activities.


Our summer Fun 'n' Sun program provides ongoing "remember what we learned in school activities" as well as projects and field trips.



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