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About Us


Our Program


Paddington Station Pre-School and Childcare, Inc. is committed to promoting the intellectual, social, and physical growth and development of each child in our care. Each activity undertaken and service offered by the program is directed toward fostering the growth and development of the children.  Children's perceptions of themselves and others will become clarified by the understanding guidance of loving, educated, experienced caregivers who assist them in group experiences.  The children begin to explore the world about them through books, music, play, creative activities, visits within the community, and other experiments with nature and science.  Their physical needs are nurtured with nutritious diets, physical activities, rest periods, and personal hygiene supervision.


Our Objectives & Goals

  • Development of the children's educational, emotional, and physical need into healthy, happy little people

  • Ability to use oral language to express thoughts and feelings

  • Recognition of objects encountered in daily living

  • Development of healthy relationships with persons outside the family and neighborhood

  • Interaction in work and play with others using concepts of sharing, caring, and kindness

  • Development of realistic concepts about themselves and their role in the home, school, and neighborhood

Meet Our Staff

Nancy Frye

 Owner & Director

Jade Camerer-Kinley

Facility Manager

Melissa Gephart
Human Resources
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