"The next best place to being at home"

Paddington's Book Fair will begin February 15th and run till February 19th.  The Fair will be open from 8am until 6pm on the main floor of the center.

Center Hours

Monday............ 5:30 am- Midnight

​Tuesday........... 5:30 am- Midnight

Wednesday...... 5:30 am- Midnight

Thursday......... 5:30 am- Midnight

Friday.............. 5:30 am- Midnight

We have a flexible rate schedule to work with the busy lives of parents.

Paddington Station Preschool and Childcare, Inc. 
126 Summer Street - Duboistown, PA 17702
Phone: (570) 322-7423 - Fax: (570)567-1174

Paddington Station Preschool and Childcare, Inc.

Our online fair will run from February 10th until February 23rd and you can visit


to view our activities and our link to the online fair.  Please come and support our center in obtaining more books for our children.  

Paddington Station Preschool and Childcare, Inc. is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

We are also a member of Keystone STARS